Large truck or semi-tractor trailer collisions

Because large trucks and commercial vehicles often significantly outweigh passenger vehicles, collisions often produce serious injuries and death.  Drivers of large trucks and commercial vehicles must adhere to a stricter set of safety requirements in the operation of these large vehicles than when operating a passenger vehicle.  There are also detailed state and federal regulations pertaining not only to the safe operation of large trucks and commercial vehicles, but to the maintenance of these vehicles as well.

If you or a loved one were involved in a collision with a large truck or a commercial vehicle, the collision may have been caused by the negligence of the driver, or the failure of the driver’s employer to properly maintain the vehicle.  To prove this negligence you need an attorney who understands how to obtain the necessary records to identify what mistakes the driver or his employer may have made that led to the collision.  Many commercial vehicles also store electronic data which reflects the operation of the vehicle prior to and at the time of the collision.

In order for you or your loved one to recover the compensation you deserve you need an attorney who is experienced and prepared to conduct the investigation necessary to win your case.  Truck accidents often cause serious injuries that may require significant, if not a lifetime of medical care, in addition to a considerable amount of lost wages.  Call or email Mellowitz & Hanefeld today so that we can protect your rights.